NC Digital Media Computing - The Story so far

Walter Patterson, QDT Lead Developer, Gillian Leitch, Langside College and Angela Lees, Qualifications Officer, SQA led this seminar which provided delegates with information about the National Certificate in Digital Media Computing.  They explained that this qualification replaced a group award in IT at Intermediate 2 with a set of awards that provided:

National Certificate in Digital Media Computing - The Story so far The presentation gave details of how Core Skills would be delivered in the awards, and explained the rationale behind the units selected for the mandatory part.  The practical nature of the Units in these awards was stressed, along with assessment arrangements in line with that approach.

A significant aspect of these awards is that centres can choose options which form a cluster around a particular topic, such as digital gaming or digital video.  A number of such clusters have already been packaged into NPAs and more are under development.  Some detail was presented about two of the NPAs - Digital Literacy and PC Passport.  The presenters also revealed that some of the NPAs paralleled existing vendor awards in Computing (eg the NPA in Web Design Fundamentals and the Adobe Digital Design award) and that the SQA DIVA initiative gave centres access to the vendor materials to support their delivery of the NPA. 

Delegates found the seminar informative and there were a number of questions relating to how NPAs would provide both additional recognition for candidates completing a DMC award, but also a route from single units through the NPA clusters into a full award.  There was interest in NPAs for delivery across a wide range of settings.

Discussion also centred around the nature of digital media and its importance for next generation skills. Delegates showed an interest in further developments such as Mobile Technologies.

Link to session 3 powerpoint presentation - NC DMC (618 KB) GRAPHIC: powerpoint presentation icon.