Learning Together: Partnerships in Practice

Learning Together: Partnerships in PracticeAndy Wright, Assistant Principal, Curriculum, Dumfries and Galloway College led this seminar which provided delegates with an informative insight into how the focus at the college is not on teaching but on learning.  Andy explained how learners were taking control of their own learning which tied in with Curriculum for Excellence themes leading to improved employability, citizenship and confidence building skills.  NQ Employability Units are built into mainstream delivery with identification of employability opportunities and citizenship opportunities are developed also in each programme.

Delegates were informed that a Learning Together Culture had been adopted and that throughout the college, actions plans for citizenship and employability as well as Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) were being implemented, an example of which was supplied at the seminar.  At present, the ILPs are paper based but there are plans to dovetail them with e portfolios and Andy demonstrated that the ILP can be used throughout an individual's learning, for example in employment or higher study.  He also explained that ILPs are used in tutorials and are used to measure 'distance travelled' in softer skills so that the focus is not just on core qualification teaching.

Through the use of video clips, Andy demonstrated how well the portfolios were working and delegates were able to hear viewpoints from a student's experience.

Link to session 5 powerpoint presentation - Learning Together Partnerships in Practice (667 KB) GRAPHIC: powerpoint presentation icon.

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