Assessment Arrangements Diet 2006-2007

The total number of Assessment Arrangement (AA) requests for diet 2007 was 42,194, submitted on behalf of 11,400 candidates. This represents an increase in candidates (up 7%) but a decrease in the total number of requests (down 3%) on the previous year. This can be compared to the overall entries for National Qualifications in 2007 where there was an increase in candidates of 4% together with an increase in entries of 3%.

Number of candidates and requests for AA, 2006 – 2007


Number of Candidates requesting AA

Number of AA requests







 The profile of AA requests by level is broadly the same as for 2006. More than half of the requests came from Standard Grade candidates. However, this proportion has continued to drop over the past few years. On the other hand, Intermediate 1 requests as a proportion of all requests have increased. This mirrors the changing profile of overall entry numbers where some centres are replacing Standard Grades with Intermediate qualifications.

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