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I was asked to leave one of my exams early as I had taken my mobile phone (or another prohibited item) into the examination hall with me: Can I appeal?

In the run up to the examination diet you would have been issued with a booklet entitled “Your Exams 2012”. In the section entitled “During Your Exams” it clearly states-

“Mobile and WAP – enabled phones are strictly prohibited and must not be taken into the exam room. If you are found in possession of a mobile phone or any digital audio device, eg MP3 player, or if you take this equipment into the room and it beeps or rings, your exam entry may be cancelled”

Other unauthorised aids include:

Before each exam the invigilator would have reminded you that the above items were not permitted in the exam room. If you mistakenly took an unauthorised aid into the exam, you should have given it to the invigilator for safe keeping.

Please contact your school/college as SQA liaise directly with staff there on these matters. Your school/college will be able to offer you further information and advice on appeals in these circumstances.

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