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What is the SCQF and what does it do?

The SCQF is aimed at helping people understand Scottish qualifications. This helps them to make better choices about learning and helps them to progress. The SCQF brings together all the mainstream Scottish qualifications. It gives them credit points, which show how much learning has been achieved, and a level, which shows how demanding (i.e. difficult) the learning is.

There are many different qualifications – e.g. Standard Grades, Intermediates 1 and 2, Highers, SVQs, HNCs, HNDs, and Degrees – and the SCQF is a way of showing how they relate to one another.  The new qualifications which are being developed to support Curriculum for Excellence are and will be SCQF credit rated and leveled.

Another reason for introducing the SCQF was to support progression or movement between different qualifications. Learners often have to start from scratch when they move job or start a new qualification, and the SCQF makes it much easier for education and training providers to recognise what has already been achieved and to give learners ‘credit’ for this, where appropriate. It also helps people to understand the different routes they can take to acquire new skills and qualifications.

An example of how the SCQF supports progression is learners who have achieved an HND (SCQF level 8) getting direct entry into the third year (SCQF level 9) of a related undergraduate Degree course.

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