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Why is SCQF information on the certificate?

The SCQF has been used in Scotland’s colleges and universities for several years, and employers are becoming increasingly more aware of the SCQF. With more and more qualifications being placed in the framework, we felt that the time was right to include SCQF information on learners’ certificates and have been including this information for several years.

Having an understanding of their SCQF information can help people make decisions about what to do next. It also helps colleges and universities make decisions about entry or progression. For example, some universities and other higher education institutions give credit transfer for HNCs and HNDs onto the second or third year of a degree programme. Employers, increasingly, have an awareness of the level of qualification an applicant has, particularly for qualifications (e.g. PDAs) which are not as widespread as Highers, HNs, degrees, etc.

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