Certificates in ESOL for Work at SCQF level 4 and level 5

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SQA has developed two Customised awards in ESOL for Work.

  • G8WF 04 – Certificate in ESOL for Work at SCQF level 4 (comparable with Intermediate 1).
  • G8WG 04 - ESOL for Work at SCQF level 5 (comparable with Intermediate 2).

These awards have been developed for delivery by employers, colleges and training providers to learners in, or seeking employment.

As these are Customised awards, these qualifications do not follow the standard Scottish National Qualifications format.

To achieve an award, candidates must successfully achieve the three units that contribute to the award, please see Unit Specifications detailed below.

To provide feedback on these qualifications, please use our ESOL for Work Centre Comment Form.

Unit Specifications

To access the Unit specifications please select either:

G8WF 04 - Certificate in ESOL for Work at SCQF level 4

G8WG 04 - Certificate in ESOL for Work at SCQF Level 5

Examples of assessment tasks at SCQF Level 4

Speaking & Listening



  • Explaining a process that is mandatory in the workplace
  • Follow a series of procedural instructions (eg assembling equipment, following instructions)
  • Workplace induction
  • Payroll Information
  • Information Handling
  • IT/HR Policies
  • Invoice/order completion
  • Common Signage
  • Report for Employer on an aspect of work
  • Workplace diary/log
  • Accident report
  • Training request

Examples of assessment tasks at SCQF Level 5

Speaking & Listening



  • Giving talks on health and safety in the workplace
  • Discussions about working regulations
  • Job interviews
  • Customer care policies
  • Job advertisements
  • Contracts of employment
  • Appraisal forms
  • Job applications
  • Accident report forms

Sample Assessments

Sample assessments at SCQF level 4 are available for download here:

Sample assessments at SCQF level 5 are available for download here:

Tutor Support Packs

These packs are available for download from the SQA secure website. Each centre's SQA Co-ordinator will have access details.

SQA offers a comprehensive tutor support pack at each level containing the following:

1. Guidance on Contextualisation of Assessment

The Specification and Assessments have been developed using experience from a number of work related contexts. They offer the flexibility to cover generic components of work-related contexts, such as Health and Safety, as well as scope for sector-specific contextualisation. The Tutor Support Pack offers guidance to centres that choose to contextualise the assessments to meet the needs of a particular vocational sector.

2. The Curriculum

In this section tutors can access tables of appropriate discourse/text types and related classroom activities for ESOL for Work candidates, as well as vocabulary and skills grids.

3. Resources for Tutors and Teachers

  • SQA’s learning support materials, comprising a large selection of Teachers Notes, Student Notes and Listening sound files, suitable for use at all levels including SCQF levels 4 and 5
  • Detailed references to directly related web links and published EFL/ESOL materials from Access 2 to Higher
  • Mapping of Tribal CTAD English in Action and English in Action at Work learning resources against SQA ESOL for Work qualifications