Qualification and assessment standards

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Here we'll tell you - as briefly and clearly as we can - how we maintain the Scottish Standard through our qualification and assessment processes. We do this in accordance with legislation such as the Sex Discrimination Act, the Race Relations Amendment (2000) Act, and the Disability Discrimination and Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Acts.

That said, there is a lot of information (we do a lot!), and some of it is quite complex, so you may need to search for what you want to know. It is early days for these web pages, and it will take time to provide you with all the information you want quickly and in a way that suits you. We will, though, be updating and improving this resource constantly.

While some of the information is for those of you who are directly affected by how we maintain standards - by virtue of the work you do, or what you are learning - the rest is of more general interest. The web pages themselves give you an overview of the topic. Linked documents and text give you more in-depth information.

If you require information in an accessible format, please visit the SQA Website Accessibility page. This tells you about the options available to you. If you are visually impaired, or are using screen reading software, and have any difficulties using these pages please report this to us at: web.team@sqa.org.uk.

Finally, we hope these pages tell you what you want to know about the Scottish Standard, and if you have any comments or suggestions please e-mail them to: mycentre@sqa.org.uk.

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