Who is involved?

Tutor giving feedback to learner. Ultimate responsibility for regulating SQA's 'procedures' lies with Scottish Ministers - (the Scottish Qualifications Act 2002 (the 'Act') states that it confers 'power on the Scottish Ministers to regulate the procedures of the Authority').

SQA is largely self-regulating in respect of how we set, maintain, and monitor qualification and assessment standards. Along with our Board of Management, there are two very influential advisory bodies who perform a crucial role in safeguarding qualification standards. These are:

  • SQA's Advisory Council, which was set up for the purposes of 'considering matters relating to qualifications devised or awarded by the SQA; the functions and procedures of the SQA. (section 3 (i) and (ii) of the Act)
  • SQA's Qualifications Committee, which has an important role in overseeing standards-related work.

You can find out more about SQA at our About SQA web pages.