Terms and Conditions of Appointment

Welcome to the online version of SQA's Terms and Conditions of Appointment.

Appointees must do the following with this guidance:

  1. Read all applicable content from the terms and conditions by downloading and reading the full pdf version of the handbook, which is available using the following link - Terms and Conditions of Appointment.
  2. Confirm that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions of appointment by completing the confirmation form, available at the bottom of this page.

Please note: If you are a new appointee or your details have changed please complete the following Appointees personal details form (34 KB)


1 Information for all Appointees

1.1 Basis of the relationship between you and SQA 
1.2 Code of Conduct 
1.3 Attending SQA meetings
1.4 Eligibilty to work in the UK
1.5 Tax and National Insurance
1.6 Fees
1.7 Expenses
1.8 Duration of the appointment 
1.9 Release from an employer for SQA duties 
1.10 Disclosure Scotland
1.11 Working safely with young people and vulnerable groups
1.12 Environmental impact
1.13 Health and safety
1.14 Equal Opportunities Statement

2 Information for specific Appointees

3 Terms and conditions of your appointment

3.1 Confidentiality
3.2 Declaration of Interest
3.3 Intellectual Property Rights
3.4 Data protection 
3.5 Termination of Contract
3.6 Crime, suspension and disciplinary actions 
3.7 Improper activity

Confirmation Form