1.8 Duration of the Appointment - 1.9 Release from employer

1.8 Duration of the Appointment

The duration of your appointment is specified in your letter of appointment. Subject to the termination provisions in section 3.5, the appointment will continue for the period specified in the letter. There is no commitment on the part of SQA to renew the appointment at the end of the appointment period.

You may be required to undertake SQA activities during holiday periods from your main employer.

1.9 Release from an employer for SQA duties


If you are a serving teacher or lecturer, and the date of a Markers’ meeting falls on a normal working day, you are required, before you reply to your invitation, to obtain leave of absence from your Head of Centre to attend. Please note that no release compensation will be paid for attendance at Markers’ meetings.

Other Appointees (including Central Markers)

For serving teachers or lecturers, SQA will seek release from your employer as required. SQA will then inform you in your letter of appointment that release has been agreed. If your release has not been agreed, we are unable to engage you as an appointee.

Appointees currently receiving maternity or sick pay

You must have written consent from your main employer before undertaking duties for SQA if you are currently receiving either statutory sick pay or maternity pay.