3 Standard terms and Conditions

3.1 Confidentiality

During your appointment to SQA you may obtain information concerning SQA, its candidates, employees, assessments, systems, and other information which is confidential including candidate materials or scripts (‘confidential information’). SQA requires you to maintain the highest levels of discretion in dealing with confidential information. In accepting the offer of appointment, you undertake to be bound by the following conditions:

  1. You must not divulge any confidential information to any third party without the express written authority of SQA. This includes the publishing of information relating to appointee duties via any means of communication.

  2. Confidential information held by you must be kept secure at all times and must not be placed in such a way as may give rise to inadvertent disclosure.

  3. You must use confidential information solely for the purpose of providing services to SQA; it must not be used for your own benefit or for the benefit of, or detriment to, any third party.

  4. You must not make or retain copies of any confidential information other than as required for the provision of your services as an appointee. Immediately on conclusion of your appointment, all confidential information and copies or duplicates thereof in any medium must, as instructed, either be returned to SQA or be destroyed in such a way as to ensure no breach of this clause.

  5. Without the prior written approval of SQA you must not express opinions on behalf of SQA, or claim to be doing so.

  6. You must not make any comments, in public or in circumstances which may become public, that are disparaging of SQA or that could cause damage to SQA’s reputation. Nothing in this clause is intended to override the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.

  7. You must not hold yourself out to be acting on behalf of SQA in relation to any activity, whether commercial or otherwise and whether for your own benefit or otherwise, outwith the terms of this appointment. You must not provide any advice, materials, information or opinion as having been endorsed by SQA. You must not represent them as being linked to SQA or as expressing SQA’s view.