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Introducing the Safe Road User Award

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This Award, which has been developed in collaboration with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), stems directly from recent initiatives by the UK Government to bring about changes in driving attitudes in the UK.

The aim of the Safe Road User Award is to build positive attitudes to road use and to help young people to take responsibility for using the roads safely. Young people who become proficient road users at an early stage will be able to carry these attitudes and behaviours throughout life. This, in turn, should result in fewer deaths and serious injuries among road users. Being a safe and proficient road user is a significant life skill which this award will contribute to developing.

Candidates who successfully complete the Safe Road User Award are eligible to sit an abridged version of the DVSA Driver Theory Test. The Abridged Theory Test consists of 35 multiple choice questions instead of the usual 50. Candidates should book the Abridged Theory Test through the DVSA booking call centre by calling 0300 200 11 22. Candidates must provide their personal Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) when making the booking.

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Award Structure

The Award consists of 2 Units set at SCQF level 4/QCF level 1:

Candidates who successfully complete the Safe Road User Award will be eligible to sit an abridged version of the DVSA Driver Theory Test.

The Award has been endorsed by the following Sector Skills Councils: GoSkills and Skills for Logistics.

Safe Road User Online

The following information relates to the online objective test which is part of the assessment requirement for the Safe Road User unit - Understanding How to Use the Roads. The test is delivered using SQA’s online e-assessment system Safe Road User Online (SRUO).

Your centre account and candidate details

When a centre obtains qualification approval for the Safe Road User award, we will set up the SQA Co-ordinator with a user account in Safe Road User Online and provide login details. The SQA Co-ordinator will be the centre's main contact for e-assessment. When seeking approval, centres will have the opportunity to specify the names of any other users they would like set up. A User can schedule assessments, invigilate assessments and view candidate results.

Candidate entries for the Unit Understanding How to Use the Roads should be sent to SQA in the normal way. SQA will then transfer these automatically into SRUO - enabling centres to schedule candidates for assessment. After completing all of the assessments required for Understanding How to Use the Roads, centres should send the Unit result to SQA in the usual way.

Preparing to deliver the tests

Although the tests are online, they are not delivered via a standard web browser. You will need to install a small client application on each machine used by candidates.

To confirm that the application installs correctly on all machines and is able to communicate with the central server through any local network and firewall settings, we strongly recommend that you complete the following test at least two weeks prior to any live delivery.

The procedure will require full administrative rights on each machine. You may therefore need to call upon technical support in order to complete it.

Local machine requirements:
1. PCs must be running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.
2. Screen resolution must be set to at least 1024 x 768.
3. Latest version of Flash player installed (or at least version 10.1).

Download and install the SRU SecureClient application by clicking on the button below: 

If successful, you will find an icon on your desktop, (or you can look for the application in Programs) : 

Launching the application should give you the following screen:

Safe Road User load page.png

If so, the test has been successful – select Exit and return to your desktop.

If not, please use the following contact details for help. 0345 270 1213 or

Training materials

There is a range of short video online training materials available to support staff in using these tabbed pages.

Delivering the tests

You can access Safe Road User Online by clicking on the button below, using your login details (see Qualification Approval and centre accounts):

Your PC must have the latest version of Flash player installed (or at least version 10.1).

The resolution of your display must also be set to at least 1024 x 768.

You will see a number of tabbed pages – enabling you to schedule, deliver and report on tests. You should also see details of the candidates you have entered for the unit Understanding How to Use the Roads. If you are unsure about how any of the functionality works, please use the interactive guides available (see Training Materials).

The following document may be useful as a walkthrough for the first few times you schedule and deliver tests. Safe Road User Guide (47 KB).GRAPHIC: PDF Icon.pdf icon transparent

Currently invigilation is not enforced for these tests – although it can be used and the interactive guides will show you how (see Training Materials). Regardless of whether it is used, you must still be careful when issuing keycodes. These should not be given to candidates until they have entered the examination room and their identity has been confirmed. 

Please note that normal SQA policy on re-assessment applies – normally one, or in exceptional circumstances two, re-assessment opportunities. The system will enforce this and not allow more than three attempts at the test. You should also be aware that once a keycode has been entered by the candidate, this will count as an attempt – even if the test is subsequently ‘voided’ by the tutor or invigilator.

If you have any issues or enquiries please contact us on 0345 270 1213 or 

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