Adapted Question Papers

Adapted Print Question Papers for candidates with visual impairment

Centres can request the following types of adapted print question papers using the AAR system. You can see examples of different font types and sizes by following the links at the bottom of this page:

To maintain the quality of the adapted question papers and to ensure that they are delivered in time, you should select from the options above using the AAR. Also, due to the time and cost involved in the production of these papers, it is essential that you submit your requests as early as possible, and that the modification required is correctly identified. If your requirements change, please update the AAR as soon as possible.

If your candidate is unable to use any of the options above, please select the ‘other’ box. You will be required to provide details why the candidate is unable to use the options above in the comments box. A member of our Assessment Arrangements team will contact you directly to discuss your requirements. You will be asked to submit your request in writing providing appropriate evidence of why the options available are not suitable and justifying the need for a different adaptation.

The deadline for requests is 31 January of the year of the examination.

Sample Fonts in 14pt, 18pt, 24pt, 36pt, 48pt

Sample Papers

Internal assessments

You do not need to seek approval from SQA to produce large print or Braille assessment material in your centre, provided the adapted material still meets the same assessment objectives as the original.

If there is any concern that you have changed the nature of the assessment, please contact us for advice.


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