Section 1 - Recommendations from the evaluation and consultation reports

The HN Key Partners’ Group identified a number of issues and recommendations from the reports that required action. These are as follows.

  1. Assessment
    • Some centres felt there was too much assessment in some HNC/Ds
    • Some centres felt there were too many Exam-based Graded Units in HNC/Ds
  2. Higher National Key Partners’ Group
    • It was recommended that the remit and membership of HNKPG should be reviewed and refreshed to reflect post-HN modernisation issues
  3. Interagency working
    • More joined up working between COLEG, SFEU and SQA was seen as desirable
  4. Qualification Support Teams
    • QSTs were considered to be valuable to the ongoing maintenance of HNC/Ds and this model should be adopted for all Group Awards
    • Changes to recruitment were recommended to ensure representation from a wider range of centres
  5. Communication
    • Centres agreed it was important to maintain a coherent catalogue and agreed to work in partnership with SQA to achieve this
    • Clear lines of communication between centres and SQA needed to be established post-modernisation
  6. Marketing and Promotion
    • It was felt that a more coherent approach to marketing and promotion would be beneficial

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