Offer Qualifications

It is important not to assume a person’s interest, skills, motivation or ability when signposting opportunities to engage, or to re-engage, young people through qualifications. There is often an assumption that disengaged young people will need support in areas of personal development, Core Skills and practical-based qualifications at levels such as SCQF level 3. While this may not always be the case, it has to be recognised that there are often stepping-on points where young people can re-engage in qualifications and that this may be the first point on the progression route.

Learning can often be carried out in an area of personal interest to the learner. Using this as a basis for learning, their experience can be tailored so that it feels like a fun, enjoyable activity rather than an educational exercise.

All SQA Units can be delivered as stand-alone Units or taken in clusters as part of a larger award.  It is up to the tutor and/or learner how much, or how little, to take on. Each Unit is listed on the Scottish Qualification Certificate, which can provide a real sense of achievement to the learner.

Not all SQA’s qualifications require a test or exam at the end and it is important for tutors to recognise that this form of assessment can be a deterrent to young people who are thinking about re-engaging with learning.

SQA’s range of Courses and qualifications to help hard-to-reach young people increase their choices and opportunities includes: