Core Skills

Core Skills are essential if we are to meet both our personal needs and the needs of society. If you can analyse and solve problems, communicate well, use information technology, and work with others effectively, then you are well equipped to assume the active, flexible and responsible role which modern workplaces need and society expects.

Core Skills at Access 3 and Intermediate 1 provide opportunities to progress to other qualifications and can be appropriate ‘stepping-on points’ for vulnerable, hard-to-reach or disengaged learners. 

The revised Core Skills Units are context-free qualifications which can be used to develop a learning programme or to certificate evidence from existing learning programmes.

Five Core Skills are offered from SCQF level 2 to SCQF level 6:

The revised Core Skills Units in Numeracy and Communication have 10 or 20 hours of learning, rather than 40 hours. This approach is intended to not only make the Units more accessible to vulnerable learners (so complementing More Choices, More Chances) but also to facilitate the earlier attainment of nationally-recognised qualifications. This should boost confidence and motivate learners to progress to other Core Skills Units and SCQF levels.

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