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Key Dates 2015/16

Key dates for centres for session 2015/16 are:

  • Application for Approval (IP1 form) should be submitted by end of September 2015
  • Candidate entries should be submitted by November 2015
  • Results for the IP Unit should be submitted by 31 March 2016

Scottish Baccalaureate Entries

Candidate entries for the Scottish Baccalaureates should be submitted to SQA by 9 November 2012

Scottish Baccalaureate Update - Autumn 2012

Please see our Autumn 2012 update communication which provides introduces new Exemplars and resources now available the website and important information about Approval and Entries.

There is also information about our forthcoming Support Event.

View the Autumn 2012 Update

New Scottish Baccalaureates Launched

SQA has launched two new Scottish Baccalaureate qualifications in Expressive Arts and Social Science.

The new qualifications will be available to pupils and students in schools and colleges from August this year.

Important information for 2011-12

Some changes have been made to the Assessment Support Packs based on experience and feedback from the first two years of the Baccalaureates from practitioners and verifiers. This includes revisions to the templates for candidate evidence.

Science Baccalaureate Pupils at St Columba’s School Organise a ‘Healthy Heart’ Event for Valentine’s

Eight Science Baccalaureate pupils at St Columba's School have been working all session on a group Interdisciplinary Project entitled 'A Healthy Heart, Physically and Emotionally'. Part of the project was to plan, organise and run a 'Healthy Heart Day' for pupils and staff at the school.

Important Information for Centres: Entry Details for Scottish Baccalaureate Candidates

Candidates should be entered for both the Baccalaureate award and for the Interdisciplinary Project by 5th November 2010

Science and Languages Interdisciplinary Project

Important information regarding delivering the Scottish Baccalaureates in Science and Languages Interdisciplinary Project.

Partnerships are working to deliver the Baccalaureates in Science and Languages

Case studies giving more information on partnerships between schools, universities, colleges and local authorities.

Baccalaureates receive impressive UCAS tariff rating

Scottish Baccalaureates logoA key feature of the new Scottish Language and Scottish Science Baccalaureates has received an impressive tariff rating from UCAS, the organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in the UK.

Baccalaureate Science pupils spend a day at the Glasgow Science Centre learning about Science Commun

Baccalaureate Science pupils spend a day at the Glasgow Science Centre learning about Science Communication.