1.2 Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out the standard of conduct that is expected of you as an SQA appointee.

The code of conduct does not affect your legal rights and responsibilities; its purpose is to provide clear and helpful advice to you.

You must familiarise yourself with the contents of the Code of Conduct below, and comply with the standards it describes at all times. Any breach of the Code of Conduct may give rise to termination of your contract.

1 Selflessness

Any decisions should be made solely in SQA’s best interest. It follows that you should not take decisions which result in any financial or other benefit to yourself, your family, or your friends.

2 Honesty

You have a duty to ensure the proper use of equipment, materials and resources. In addition, you must immediately declare any private interests and/or conflicts which might affect your contract with SQA.

3 Integrity

You should not place yourself under any financial or other obligation to an individual or an organisation which might influence you in your contract with SQA.

4 Objectivity

Any decisions which you make in the course of your contract with SQA, must be based solely on merit.

5 Accountability

You are accountable to SQA for fulfilling your contract. SQA, in turn, is accountable to the Scottish Government.

6 Openness

You should be as open as possible in all the decisions and actions that you take within the terms of your contract. You should be in a position to be able to justify all decisions that you make and you should not restrict information unless this is clearly required by SQA policy.

7 Leadership and management

If you are a senior appointee or team leader, you should promote and support good leadership and manage your team in a fair and transparent manner.

8 Confidentiality

It is an express condition of your contract with SQA that you are responsible for maintaining security over all aspects of your work and for ensuring that assets, resources and information entrusted to you by SQA are properly protected.

9 Professionalism

You may have contact with our centres and centre staff in your role as an SQA appointee. You should deal with them fairly, efficiently, consistently, courteously, and promptly, offering the highest standards of professional conduct and service at all times.