SVQ External Verification

GRAPHIC: svq - white.Centres running SVQs (Scottish Vocational Qualifications) will receive at least one visit per year. However, in some cases, vocational qualification assessment strategies require that more than one visit is made.

With candidates enrolling into SVQ programmes at different times in the year, the external verifier will initially review current candidate listings and programme start dates. This information usually determines if and when a centre visit will take place. In the event of a visit, the External Verifier will contact the centre’s SQA Co-ordinator to agree a mutually convenient date.

As part of any visit, External Verifiers will follow the external verification sampling requirements outlined in the assessment strategy for the awards being externally verified. If the SVQ does not have a sampling strategy, External Verifiers will sample a minimum of three single credit Units for each verification visit and sample across all Assessors and Internal Verifiers.