Appointee Management Case Studies

Marie Woods — Senior External Verifier

Marie Woods

I am a Curriculum Manager in the Faculty of Community and Information Services at Glasgow Kelvin College. I am directly involved in the delivery of wider access provision across the Glasgow East learning network. I love my job! I am able to put my Continuing and Professional Development training within my own college and with SQA to good use.

Glasgow Kelvin College is a vibrant new place to work as the staff all know one another and, more importantly, curriculum teams share good practice and support one another. Nothing pleases me more to see students who have few qualifications, turn their lives around by coming to college and in the course of their learning journey gain an SQA award.

I applied to become an appointee in 1991 as a work colleague worked for SQA and told me that I should apply. I had an interview and was appointed on the basis of my interview.

I can’t begin to express the benefits I get from being an SQA appointee in a couple of sentences! Top of my list would have to be:

  • an all-round knowledge of the subject areas of PSD and Core Skills in the national context
  • report writing and carrying out external verification/development/approval visits
  • training in quality assurance systems and procedures
  • the ability to inform others of SQA standards and procedures in order to share good practice
  • international/global opportunities to undertake external visiting verification 

Continuous professional development as an appointee means that everything is done as an external gain and in a national context. My own college has an excellent CPD programme and opportunities, but working for SQA raises the bar to a national context.

Working with SQA presents new challenges every year and I'm so grateful to my college for allowing me to continue year on year. I have never thought of giving it up as it keeps me at the forefront of national priorities and curriculum developments. SQA is like one big family — friendly and supportive. I have met lifelong friends and colleagues with whom I continue to share professional expertise.

If you’re thinking about becoming an appointee, I would say give it a try as I’m sure that you will enjoy meeting fellow professionals and it will help you to be at the top of your profession in your subject area!