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What qualifications are needed to deliver Core Skills?

NQ Core Skills Units

For NQ Core Skills Units, assessors must be:

·         competent in the subject/occupational area to a level appropriate to the qualification
·         competent in assessment (or internal verification) of the type involved in the qualification
·         familiar with the procedures and documentation for the qualification.
It is not essential that staff have a qualification in assessment or in the NQ subject they are teaching, however they must at least be able to show that they have competence through experience in the assessment process and in the subject they are assessing.
The easiest way to prove a member of staff is competent in assessment is if they can show they have an appropriate qualification, for example:
·         a Scottish teaching qualification for secondary education or further education (TQSE or TQFE);
·         a Unit or Units covering assessment and/or verification, such as the so called ‘A’ & ‘V’ Units, or one of the other Units covering the assessment process available through SQA.

Workplace Core Skills Units

The Units which assessors and internal verifiers will be required to achieve to allow them to assess or internally verify Vocational Qualifications are:

·         A1 Assess Candidates using a Range of Methods
·         A2 Assess Candidates’ Performance through Observation
·         V1 Conduct Internal Quality Assurance of the Assessment Process

We recognise that staff may be working towards achievement of the A or V Units at the time of seeking approval to offer a qualification. Where this is the case, we will expect these qualifications to be obtained within a reasonable time and we will check progress towards achievement at subsequent monitoring visits.

Alternatively, those who assess these qualifications should hold Scottish teaching qualifications for secondary education or further education (TQSE or TQFE), which embrace these standards. 

The following predecessor qualifications are also acceptable:

D32 Assess Candidate Performance
and/or (depending on the nature of the assessment being conducted)
D33 Assess Candidate Performance Using Differing Sources of Evidence
Internal verifiers
D34 Internally Verify the Assessment Process. From April 2009, TQFE and TQSE are no longer acceptable as qualifications for internal verifiers of Vocational Qualifications unless the current assessment strategy produced by the relevant Sector Skills Council indicates that this is permissible.