Prior Verification

Prior verification is a service offered to centres who devise their own instruments of assessment or who wish to significantly change items from the National Assessment Bank to suit their particular local needs.

Centres are strongly encouraged to seek prior verification of a locally devised instrument of assessment and associated marking scheme. SQA encourages centres to make assessment tools as relevant as possible to enable candidates to demonstrate their skills/knowledge. We therefore strongly encourage you to seek prior verification of assessment instruments and marking schemes that have not previously been externally verified. This is particularly recommended for new qualifications, such as HN Graded Units.

If the instrument of assessment falls into one of the following categories, there is no need for prior verification to be requested:

The prior verification service provides assessment feedback and gives a presenting centre confidence that a tool is fit for purpose and does not compromise standards specified in the Unit. Evidence from verification reports clearly shows that prior verification can prevent problems arising at a later date when a Verifier reviews a centre's instruments of assessment.

The service is offered free of charge, but please allow a turnaround time of at least six weeks to allow for the possibility of having to take some corrective action if prior verification identifies flaws in your assessment materials.

When completing the Prior Verification Request Form, please be aware that the 'Verification Group' refers to the subject or qualification name.