CLASS (Collaborative Learning Assessed by Social Software) is a tool for learners studying for the Project-based National Course (PBNC) in Health and Safety in Care Settings. It offers them a blog and a wiki to record group activities and generate a group project.

By recording their personal thoughts and activities in their personal or group blog, learners can demonstrate their understanding of the subject. All members of the group also contribute to the project by editing a group wiki, and work collaboratively to achieve the objectives of the project.

Because assessors can see and track the contributions made to the wiki by each member of the group, they can assign marks to learners fairly, and can reward learners who have contributed effectively to the project.

An independent evaluation of the software used in 2010 was conducted for SQA by Sero Consulting Ltd. Extracts from this evaluation are available by using the following link: CLASS - Report into Pilot Study 2010 (65 KB).

SQA is keen to extend the use of CLASS and would like to hear from you if you would like to have access to the system. If you would like to find out more about CLASS or are interested in using the software on other SQA courses, please contact Veronica Harris or Derek McFarlane, Tel: 0345 213 5406.

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