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Advanced Higher Geography

Advanced Higher Geography

This page is for the existing National Qualification Advanced Higher Geography Course.

Access information on the new NQ (CfE) Advanced Higher Courses.

The Advanced Higher qualification in Geography gives learners an in-depth understanding of complex ideas about how the world works. It also gives them the chance to carry out their own research, with an emphasis on fieldwork.

Learners will be able to use sophisticated geographical methods to gather information. They will be able to use statistics to analyse this data and spot relationships within it. They will be able to describe and summarise different viewpoints and evaluate them critically.

The Advanced Higher Geography Course is at SCQF level 7.

For more information on SCQF levels and how Advanced Higher fits in to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, visit our SCQF section.

Ordnance Survey Maps

OS logoSQA has received the following advice from Ordnance Survey:

“Exam extracts that are spare after an examination has taken place may be retained by the schools where the examination has taken place and may be used for further general educational use at the discretion of the school.

Photocopying of exam extracts by a school, provided it is solely for educational use within that school, is also permitted without any additional royalties or license fees being payable by the school.

Additional sales of printed examination extracts do attract copyright fees.”

Centres can access maps directly using the Ordnance Survey site.

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