Intermediate 2 Accounting

Intermediate 2 Accounting

The Intermediate 2 qualification in Accounting gives learners a greater breadth and depth of understanding than the Intermediate 1 course.

They will gain the ability to identify, record and communicate information to help them make financial decisions. They will develop skills in handling information and also in basic interpretation and analysis. Learners will be encouraged to think logically and make use of accounting principles, developing their problem-solving and decision-making.

As with Intermediate 1, the course gives learners knowledge and understanding of financial and management accounting but there is an increased emphasis on applying decision making in more complex situations

The Intermediate 2 Accounting Course is at SCQF level 5.

For more information on SCQF levels and how Intermediate 2 fits in to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, visit our SCQF section.

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