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Intermediate 1 Chemistry

Intermediate 1 Chemistry

The Intermediate 1 qualification in Chemistry provides learners with the opportunity to see the physical and natural environments through the eyes of chemistry.

It develops knowledge of chemical facts, theories and symbols, while giving learners skills in solving chemical problems, and performing chemical techniques and investigations. Through practical work, learners will develop the ability to record measurements and observations, analyse experimental information, draw conclusions, and evaluate procedures with supporting argument.

The course encourages learners to be open-minded and recognise alternative points of view. They will learn that they can take decisions which affect people and their environment.

The Intermediate 1 Chemistry Course is at SCQF level 4.

For more information on SCQF levels and how Intermediate 1 fits in to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, visit our SCQF section.

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Guide to Assessment in the Sciences

IMAGE: Guide to Assessment in the Sciences cover.This binder draws together appropriate information on assessment from the Arrangements documents, National Assessment Bank materials and update letters for National Qualifications in the Sciences. It is intended to provide an easy access point for information on assessment and it is envisaged that it will be particularly useful to faculty heads, newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and teachers presenting more than one Science. It is an additional resource to be used in conjunction with SQA Arrangements documents and National Assessment Bank materials (NABs).

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Prescribed Practical Activities

Prescribed Practical Activities for this subject are produced by Learning and Teaching Scotland, and are available to download from their website via the link below:

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