Announcements for Standard Grade Modern Studies

Standard Grade Credit Enquiry Skills

The 2010 examination will include a new way of asking the question 'To what extent is X selective in the use of facts?'. The change should make it clearer to candidates that they must reach a conclusion based on the overall extent of the selectivity. This type of question carries 8 marks and there will be three statements/points made within the view each which will require a comment to say whether they are correct or not. The final two marks will be for a conclusion commenting on the degree of selectivity. For example, 'Overall X has been selective (incorrect) on two out of three occasions which means that X has been very selective'.

Candidates must quantify the degree of selectivity which can apply to one, two, all three statements or not at all. What candidates have to do to achieve full marks has not changed.

It may be helpful to look at Question1 (c) in the 2009 Credit paper. Three sources are given and candidates were asked:

'Using only Sources 1, 2 and 3 explain the extent to which Callum Wishart could be accused of being selective in the use of facts.' (Enquiry Skills, 8 marks)

(If this was in this year's paper there would be an extra sentence reminding candidates to reach an overall conclusion.)

The marking instructions explain that two marks are awarded for dealing with each of the three statements made by Callum. For the final two marks 'Candidates must draw an overal conclusion as to the extent of selectivity'. Some candidates do not do this and score six out of eight. The new wording should make it obvious that they need the overall conclusion.

An answer that would gain eight marks would be:

'CW claims that the West of Scotland had the largest increase in voter turnout. Source 2 shows the increase in that region was 3.2%. This was not the largest increase as the Lothian region increased by 3.5%. CW also claims that in 2007 there were more MSPs in favour of independence than ever before. This is true as there were more SNP MSPs elected in 2007 (47) than in 2003 (27). CWs third statement is that since the opening of the Scottish Parliament people feel more Scottish. Source 3 shows this is true. In 2006 32% of Scottish people said they were Scottish not British compared to only 25% in 1999. Overall CW has only been slightly selective as two of his three statements are correct.'