Chairman’s Introduction

Graham Houston I’m very pleased to introduce you to SQA’s Annual Review for 2009–2010.

SQA is made up of professional, dedicated individuals who are committed to contributing to an education and training system that will help develop the future of the Scottish economy and deliver skills and qualifications to future generations.

2009–’10 was another busy and fulfilling year for all at SQA.

Our Accreditation role has been supporting the needs of learners and employers in Scotland through its delivery of a wide range of services, including approval and regulation of awarding bodies and the accreditation of qualifications. We have also supported the Scottish Government’s policy agenda – in particular, the skills strategy for Scotland, Skills for Scotland: A Lifelong Skills Strategy.

In our Awarding role, our Business Development and Customer Support Team continue to provide our customers with excellent customer service that focuses on their needs and supports their aspirations for the future.

To contribute to the Scottish Government’s ‘Do Something Creative, Do Science’ campaign, we wanted to celebrate the great work that goes on in classrooms, lecture theatres, laboratories and training rooms throughout Scotland. So, we asked schools, colleges, training organisations and their students to get involved in two exciting competitions.

The Science Teacher of the Year Award will acknowledge an exceptional individual with a passion for science. Someone who inspires innovation, expression and creative thinking in our young people. The Big Experiment challenges young people studying in our schools and colleges to tell us about an experiment or research they have undertaken and why it motivates them.

SQA is committed to promoting all aspects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, through our qualifications, helping to inspire future generations of scientists and engineers. We continued to provide qualifications, customised services and expert advice to businesses to help them re-skill and up-skill their staff — a service which has become invaluable to many in these difficult economic times.

We delivered a successful diet of exams and continued to develop innovative approaches to e-assessment for colleges. We also worked closely with the Scottish Government on the development of Curriculum for Excellence — which will see the largest change in National Qualifications for a generation.

Every year, we rely on around 15,000 appointees — including Examiners, Markers, Setters, Verifiers and Vetters — who generously give of their time to help us with our operations. To enhance the support we are able to offer our appointees, our Appointee Management team have launched a new bi-annual newsletter, ‘AM’.

It has been a successful year for SQA thanks to the efforts of our staff, our partner organisations and the many education and training professionals throughout Scotland.

I do hope you enjoy reading our review of 2009–’10.

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