The Accreditation Committee (AC)

Our work is directed by the Accreditation Committee (AC), which meets quarterly. To ensure that we link with industry and training providers at a policy level, representatives of both are invited to sit as members of the committee. This input helps us ensure that future business planning, as well as current objectives, remain relevant for industry and for those tasked with delivering SQA accredited qualifications.

SQA Accreditation has a responsibility to make sure that candidates are provided with high quality learning experiences and that the qualifications they achieve are relevant to our changing industries. Having industry experts available to contribute at a policy level is paramount to SQA Accreditation's success in achieving its objectives.

Standing Orders are available for the Accreditation Committee.

You can download profiles of AC Members .

AC discusses the decisions taken by the Accreditation Co-ordination Group (ACG), quality assurance audit outcomes, our in-house research work, and any other business that is relevant to the function of SQA Accreditation.

Our schedule of meetings includes AC quarterly meetings, ACG weekly meetings and the dates by which papers should be submitted for inclusion in each. This incorporates our timelines for preparing submissions and indicates when awarding bodies should make submissions to ensure action within existing accreditation dates.

You can see and download the schedule for the year here: AC/ACG Meeting Dates