About SQA Accreditation

The Scottish Qualifications Authority has two distinct parts, SQA Accreditation and SQA Awarding Body. Operating separately from the awarding body, SQA Accreditation quality assures qualifications offered in Scotland by approving awarding bodies and accrediting their qualifications. We do this by checking awarding bodies and their qualifications against published regulatory principles and accreditation criteria.

Accreditation is:

  • mandatory for SVQs
  • necessary for qualifications included in Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks
  • sometimes required by legislation
  • voluntary for most qualifications.

This section of the website has general information on who we are and how we carry out our work. As you read through this we will direct you to more specific information. To go straight to the specific information you need, please use the links on the left.

Our Annual Review provides information on our activity over the last financial year and an outline plan for the year ahead. You can find a copy of the full and summary reports by following this link.

The remainder of this section covers: