Game On – groundbreaking virtual exam plan tested in Livingston


Virtual Workplace Enviroment


Two schools in Livingston ran a trial on groundbreaking virtual examination’ software, which could revolutionise the way school and college courses are taught and how candidates sit some exams.

Pupils from the town’s St Margaret's Academy and Inveralmond High School entered a virtual workplace environment and interacted with characters who asked them to complete tasks related to the knowledge they would be expected to demonstrate in a real-life retail environment.

Veronica Harris, our e-Assessment and Learning Project Manager, said ‘The purpose of the pilot was to give teachers and students an opportunity to provide feedback on the software so we can continue to develop and refine the technology before the program goes live with learners throughout the rest Scotland.

‘This type of assessment and study will never entirely replace written exams, but for vocational study areas, it is an accessible form of testing for many candidates who are already very familiar with online and gaming technology.’