Memorandum of Understanding signed in United Arab Emirates

We signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Higher Colleges of Technology (UAEHCT), which commits both organisations to a two-year collaborative agreement in qualifications development, delivery and quality assurance.

UAEHCT is the largest higher educational institution in the UAE, and consists of 16 campuses with an enrolment exceeding 16,000 students, all UAE nationals.

The delegation from SQA also attended the launch of the Class Assistant Diploma at the Women's College of Higher Technology in Ala Ain, which is also an SQA accredited centre.

Speaking at the launch, John McDonald, our Director of Business Development, described the Class Assistant Diploma as an ‘enlightened example of how a shared vision between the public and private sector, combined with inspirational educational leadership, would enable graduates to make a substantial contribution to the education system and to Human Resource development generally throughout the UAE.’

We have also agreed an MoU with the Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) National Qualifications Project.

Faisal Albakeri, Member of the Board of Trustees of IAT and Project Director of the Qualifications Framework Project, signed the MoU committing both parties to collaborate for two years on the design and development of occupational standards and assessment standards, the development of national policies on recognition of informal learning and credit accumulation and transfer systems, and guidelines for implementation of policy arrangements.