Closure of 5-14 National Assessment Bank (NAB)

The 5-14 National Assessment Bank will be closed on 2 July, at the end of the summer term this year.

This decision has been made by the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning and follows consideration of the advice from the Curriculum for Excellence Management Board.
The decision takes into account the range of measures which have been made available to ensure the appropriate support for teachers in the new assessment approaches for Curriculum for Excellence.
These measures include:
  • a range of assessment materials published on the Curriculum for Excellence website in the priority areas of literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing across all curriculum areas;
  • national quality assurance of the initial assessment items to ensure that they reflect national standards and expectations;
  • a further in service day for teachers which will focus on assessment;
  • the development of the National Assessment Resource, which is now available at, to support teaching staff in the new assessment approaches and the transition of existing Scottish Survey of Achievement items which are consistent with Curriculum for Excellence

In addition, funding of £3 million will be made available to Local Authorities to support quality assurance and moderation approaches in schools.

A letter was issued to all teaching staff from the Cabinet Secretary on 8 June - this can be accessed using the following link:  Cabinet Secretary Letter.