NQ External Verification

LOGO: NQ Logo.Selection for external verification depends on criteria which are set out in the Guide to Assessment and Quality Assurance. The main verification events for National Qualifications take place between the beginning of February and the end of May, depending on whether the mode of verification is visiting or central.

The verification process is performed on:

Typically, centres should submit entries with an appropriate completion date and, based on entry data, the SQA will sample centres for verification. Centres will be notified if candidate work is to be sampled.

If a centre is chosen for verification, the SQA will duly advise in accordance with published dates. If you do not hear from SQA, you can assume that your centre has not been chosen and can dispose of candidates' evidence three weeks after the completion date that you submitted. Centres are advised to check their own internal policies on retention of evidence.

If selected for verification, centres should compile assessment evidence for the candidates selected. This will include details of candidates' achievement, candidates' evidence, assessment instrument, marking instructions and internal verification records where appropriate. For some subjects, mainly in areas where a performance or oral assessment is to be verified, candidates will be required to be present during the verification visit. The External Verifier will advise your centre of this when making the verification visit arrangements. If you are selected for central verification, we will uplift your material on the published dates.

SQA will carry out verification to confirm your assessment decisions and will provide the verification outcome and feedback from the Verifier.

All material will be returned to the centre after the central verification process is complete.