If You Are Just Starting As An SQA Co-ordinator

First steps

Here are some things we recommend you attend to as soon as you can.


Get as full a briefing about the job as you can from the outgoing SQA Co-ordinator. If possible, work alongside him/her before taking over.


Try to delegate some of your jobs. Some Co-ordinators have help from their Administrative Support Team, but in any case, do make sure that there are checks in place so that the data you send us is accurate and on time.

Key publications

Check that you have all the current key publications - see Useful Publications for a list.
A good starting point is the Operational Help Centre, available from SQA's website (www.sqa.org.uk) and via SQA.net.

You should also have a look at our website under Publications Sales and Downloads.


Make sure that all SQA mail comes to you. Some Co-ordinators keep a log of all mail; others keep a copy of everything.

Most letters tell you what action you need to take. For example, it might tell you to note and pass on to subject specialists, or to the staff in general (and you’ll have to work out how best to do this in your centre, eg a folder which is updated regularly, in a designated area).

It is also essential that you supply us with your e-mail address at your earliest opportunity and please remember to tell us if you change it. We send many updates via e-mail, including circular letters and changes to usernames and passwords for secure areas of SQA's website. Without the most up-to-date log-in details, you will be unable to access National Assessment Bank materials etc.

Letters and e-mails

When you receive a letter or an e-mail from us there will be a contact name (and often a phone number) on it. If you have a query about a letter or e-mail, ask to speak to the named person or send an e-mail. Look at our Publications Register (on the website in the section Publications Sales and Downloads) for a monthly record of all the mail we send out.


We need to know how to contact you, so please tell us if there have been changes in any of your centre contact details - you can do this online (www.sqa.org.uk/centredetails) or through Navigator.

Support staff

If you have administrative support from your office staff, it's a good idea to talk to them about procedures etc.


Your centre may already have access to SQA.net, a secure web-based application that gives you access to your centre's data online and allows you to transfer data files securely and quickly. If you have any queries about SQA.net, please ring Data Management, Glasgow on 0345 213 6015, or Dalkeith on 0345 213 6960.