1.10 Disclosure Scotland

With the exception of those currently employed in schools, SQA undertakes Enhanced Disclosure checks on new Verifiers and Visiting Assessors.

SQA will ensure, under the Disclosure Scotland Code of Practice, that all information will be treated confidentially, sensitively and fairly. As this information would be categorised as ‘sensitive personal data’ under the Data Protection Act 1998, it is necessary that we process the information fairly, and that we obtain your written consent to carry out an Enhanced Disclosure check. Full details of our policies and procedures regarding these checks can be found at: www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/34084.html

If SQA wishes to carry out an Enhanced Disclosure check, you will be issued with a Disclosure Scotland application form when you receive your formal invitation. The completed form should be returned to SQA together with photocopies of two forms of identification. One should be a birth certificate, passport or driving licence. The second should be a utility bill. SQA will administer the process, pay the appropriate fee, and submit the forms to Disclosure Scotland. Copies of the Disclosure Certificate will then be issued to both you and SQA.

You must notify SQA immediately of any circumstances that arise which would change the outcome of the original Enhanced Disclosure check.

Where the Disclosure Scotland certificate reveals that an individual is unsuitable to work with young people, their appointment will be terminated.

You may be required to undertake SQA activities during holiday periods from your main employer.