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Group Awards are certificated three times a week and will include any qualifying candidate.

Units are certificated on the third Thursday of each month. Candidates that have resulted units and no open entries will be included.

Why has a candidate not been certificated?

Group Award certification

  • Does the candidate gain the award?

In the candidates entries and results page on Navigator click on the icon next to the Group Award. Check candidate gains award and all positive results have been submitted.

  • Is the qualification subject to the 10 week rule?

SVQ qualifications are subject to the 10 week rule. This means that there must be a 10 week period between entry and certification.

Unit only certification

We will issue the certificate irrespective of completion date.

  • Does the candidate have open entries?

Any open entry will stop unit only certification. The open entry must be resulted or withdrawn to generate a certificate.

Certification and Awards Reporting 2010 (22 KB)