Registration is the term used by SQA to describe the process of recording candidate details, ie full name, date of birth, gender, address, onto SQA's system.

As part of Lifelong Learning each candidate certificate is cumulative, therefore, it is important that registration is a one-time only process and the majority of Scottish candidates will already be registered.  However, in certain circumstances it may be necessary to register a candidate.

Please check with the candidate if they have a Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) before you send their details for initial registration. 

The Registration Process

  1. Candidate details are sent to SQA from your Management Information System, electronically via
  2. A report is automatically sent back to your centre from SQA with possible matches against your criteria which can be picked up via 
  3. review the report and accept the candidate who matches your requirements and return the file to SQA via  Any updates to addresses will automatically be done and a report confirming changes returned to your centre or
  4. return the report to SQA via rejecting all possible matches and SQA will automatically generate an SCN and return a report notifying you of the SCN

Once the process has taken place you can start to make entries for the candidates

Things to note