Registering candidates

Between the ages of 12 & 16 (excluding Primary School candidates)

All candidates going through the Scottish education system are allocated a Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) from Primary 1. Therefore, most Scottish candidates will already have an SCN. If the candidate has not been registered or allocated an SCN ask the school to process the registration and notify you when completed. You can then make entries in the normal way.

For candidates under 16 years of age who have never gone through the Scottish education system and wants to undertake an SQA qualification at your centre, please contact

Once the candidate is registered, you can process entries and results.

Under 12 years of age (Primary School candidates)

Contact the school the candidate is attending for the SCN allocated to him/her and contact SQA will then process the registration using the number you have been given.

In both circumstances it is important that the SCN allocated is the one used for the candidate.