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Registering candidates. Between the ages of 12 & 16 (excluding Primary School candidates). All candidates going through the Scottish education system are .
To register a candidate you must provide the candidate's name, date of birth, gender and the address you would like the certificate delivered too. On receipt of  ...
Registration is the term used by SQA to describe the process of recording candidate details, ie full name, date of birth, gender, address, onto SQA's system.
Candidate Data. 8. Scottish Candidate Number (SCN). 8. Personal details. 8. Qualification details. 8. File formats. 8. Exchange. 9. Registrations. 9. Registration  ...
Candidate Registration/Update Form - Schools CR00S (117 KB) This form is used to register school candidates with SQA and can also be used to update .
Registration · Registering candidates · Updating candidate details · Entering a candidate for a lapsed/finished award · Entering a candidate for Higher National .
You need your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) and an e-mail address. ... Once registered, you can keep track of your future awards and view all your ...
To change a candidate's name or address you can send the amendment via your ... To amend a candidate's date of birth or gender, this must be done via SQA ... Registering candidates · Update candidate details · Entering a candidate for a ...
A candidate should only ever have one SCN where their candidates' achievements will be recorded. If when registering your candidate we find a candidate with ...
bona fide candidates. Tutors and centre staff should not enter for any Functional Skills assessments on their own behalf, but should instead use the sample ...