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Items 1 - 15 ... Registering candidates. Between the ages of 12 & 16 (excluding Primary School candidates). All candidates going through the Scottish education .
Items 1 - 15 ... Add a new candidate. To register a candidate you must provide the candidate's name, date of birth, gender and the address you would like the ...
Items 1 - 15 ... Validation Trial > OLD-KS2 IVT School Registration Form ... Registration · Registering candidates · Updating candidate details · Entering a candidate ...
Items 1 - 15 ... Sometimes it is necessary to change candidate details held on SQA's database. This can ... Centre Support > Data Transfer > Registering candidates.
Candidate Data. 8. Scottish Candidate Number (SCN). 8. Personal details. 8. Qualification details. 8. File formats. 8. Exchange. 9. Registrations. 9. Registration  ...
Items 1 - 15 ... Registration · Registering candidates · Updating candidate details · Entering a ... http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/44802.2827.html. Centre Support > Data ...
Please note that registrations for Functional Skills assessments should only be made on behalf of bona fide candidates. Tutors and centre staff should not enter  ...
Candidate Registration/Update Form - Schools CR00S (117 KB) This form is used to register school candidates with SQA and can also be used to update .
A candidate should only ever have one SCN where their achievements will be recorded. If when registering your candidate we find a candidate with similar ...
Items 1 - 15 ... Entering a candidate for Higher National (HN) qualifications ... there is currently ... Registration · Registering candidates · Updating candidate details ...