Curriculum for Excellence Liaison Team

SQA is delighted to welcome our new Curriculum for Excellence Liaison Team.

The Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) Liaison Team will provide a dedicated resource for every school, college and Local Education Authority throughout Scotland, delivering support and advice during the transition and implementation phases of the new qualifications.

Liaison Managers will work with schools, colleges and education authorities to gather feedback and ensure that they are kept fully up to date with qualifications developments, so that the teaching profession can ensure that pupils currently in S1 are well prepared for the new qualifications in 2013/14.

As well as working with schools, colleges and education authorities, the team has a role in ensuring other SQA centres, employers and parents have the information they need about CfE.

To find out more about the CfE Liaison Team go to

The Liaison Team will be working in partnership with our Business Development Team who are available to provide advice and support about existing qualifications.  SQA already offers a wide range of qualifications that meet the values and principles of Curriculum for Excellence.