G9WM 23 Community Justice: Working with Offending Behaviour

Unit Downloads


Unit code: B7Y5 04 (GC7)
Title: Contribute to the Prevention and Management of Abusive and Aggressive Behaviour
Download: B7Y5 04 (GC7) (109 KB)

Unit code: D8ND 04 (EC7)
Title: Reinforce Positive Behavioural Goals During Relationships with Individuals
Download: D8ND 04 (EC7) (110 KB)

Unit code: DK3K 04 (GE6)
Title: Carry out Comprehensive Substance Misuse Assessment
Download: DK3K 04 (GE6) (147 KB)

Unit code: DK3Y 04 (AF4)
Title: Conduct an Assessment of Risks in the Workplace
Download: DK3Y 04 (AF4) (124 KB)

Unit code: DK4H 04 (HSC34)
Title: Promote the Well-being and Protection of Children and Young People
Download: DK4H 04 (HSC34) (39 KB)

Unit code: DK4K 04 (HSC32)
Title: Promote, Monitor and Maintain Health, Safety and Security in the Workplace
Download: DK4K 04 (HSC32) (35 KB)

Unit code: DK4R 04 (HSC31)
Title: Promote Effective Communication With, For and About Individuals
Download: DK4R 04 (HSC31) (31 KB)

Unit code: DK4X 04 (GE8)
Title: Provide Services to those Affected by Someone Else's Substance Abuse
Download: DK4X 04 (GE8) (122 KB)

Unit code: DK4Y 04 (GE3)
Title: Raise Awareness About Substances, their Use and Effects
Download: DK4Y 04 (GE3) (124 KB)

Unit code: DK6E 04 (HSC416)
Title: Development, Implement and Review Care or Support Plans with Individuals
Download: DK6E 04 (HSC416)  (134 KB)

Unit code: DK7L 04 (AB2)
Title: Support Individuals to Communicate Using Interpreting and Translating Services
Download: DK7L 04 (AB2) (114 KB)

Unit code: DK8M 04 (GE11)
Title: Support Individuals who are Substance Users
Download: DK8M 04 (GE11) (151 KB)

Unit code: DK31 04 (GE2)
Title: Assess and Act Upon Immediate Risk of Danger to Substance Users
Download: DK31 04 (GE2) (110 KB)

Unit code: DK41 04 (HSC 35)
Title: Promote Choice, Well-being and the Protection of all Individuals
Download: DK41 04 (134 KB)

Unit code: DK44 04 (GE9)
Title: Contribute to Care Planning and Review
Download: DK44 04 (GE9) (128 KB)

Unit code: DK54 04 (GE1)
Title: Recognise Indications of Substance Misuse and Refer Individuals to Specialists
Download: DK54 04 (GE1) (94 KB)

Unit code: DK57 04 (HSC33)
Title: Reflect On and Develop your Practice
Download: DK57 04 (HSC33) (85 KB)

Unit code: DK93 04 (GE4)
Title: Test for Substance Use
Download: DK93 04 (GE4) (110 KB)

Unit code: F2AW 04 (GB2)
Title: Support Individuals Experiencing Difficulties
Download: F2AW 04 (GB2) (93 KB)

Unit code: F9DY 04 (EB1)
Title: Supervise, Enforce and Review Low to Medium Risk Offenders Serving Sentences in the Community
Download: F9DY 04 (EB1) (120 KB)

Unit code: F9E0 04 (ED1)
Title: Plan, Monitor and Review Integrated Packages of Interventions and Support to Address Individuals' Offending Behaviour 
Download: F9E0 04 (ED1) (130 KB)

Unit code: F9E1 04 (ED4) 
Title: Deliver Accredited Programmes 
Download: F9E1 04 (ED4) (162 KB)

Unit code: F9E2 04 (GB3)
Title: Enable Individuals to Understand and Address their Difficulties 
Download: F9E2 04 (GB3) (100 KB)

Unit code: F9E3 04 (GC4)
Title: Assess Risk of Harm and the Need for Intervention 
Download: F9E3 04 (GC4) (102 KB)

Unit code: F9E4 04 (GE7)
Title: Carry Out Brief Interventions with Alcohol Users 
Download: F9E4 04 (GE7) (112 KB)

Unit code: F9E5 04 (GJ1)
Title: Provide and Evaluate Agreed Activities for Individuals 
Download: F9E5 04 (GJ1) (121 KB)

Unit code: F29C 04 (AD1)
Title: Develop and Sustain Effective Working with Staff from Other Agencies
Download: F29C 04 (AD1) (104 KB) 

Unit code: F29F 04 (DA1)
Title: Provide and Obtain Information at Courts and Formal Hearings
Download: F29F 04 (DA1) (86 KB)

Unit code: F29J 04 (EC4)
Title: Prepare, Implement and Evaluate Group Activities 
Download: F29J 04 (EC4) (130 KB) 

Unit code: F9VA 04 (EC6)
Title: Assess Individuals' Needs and Plan Agreed Activities 
Download: F9VA 04 (EC6) (124 KB)

Unit code: F299 04 (AF1)
Title: Ensure Your Own Actions Reduce Risks to Health and Safety 
Download: F299 04 (AF1) (104 KB) 

Unit code: F799 04 (AC1)
Title: Contribute to the Quality of Team Working 
Download: F799 04 (AC1) (102 KB) 

Unit code: FX0N 04 (EC1)
Title: Support and Encourage Individuals in Addressing their Offending Behaviour
Download: FX0N 04 (EC1) (118 KB)

Unit code: FX0P 04 (EB5)
Title: Supervise and Enforce Interventions in the Community
Download: FX0P 04 (EB5) (118 KB)

Unit code: FX0R 04 (BB2)
Title: Model Pro-social Behaviour when Working with Individuals
Download: FX0R 04 (BB2) (122 KB)

Unit code: FX0T 04 (DA2)
Title: Exchange Information and Present at Courts and Formal Hearings
Download: FX0T 04 (DA2) (112 KB)

Unit code: FX0V 04 (EA1)
Title: Obtain Information from Offenders Regarding their Behaviour
Download: FX0V 04 (EA1) (150 KB)

Unit code: FX0W 04 (EA2)
Title: Assess Offenders for Risk Factors and Levels of Risk Associated with their Behaviour
Download: FX0W 04 (EA2) (146 KB)

Unit code: FX0X 04 (EA3)
Title: Develop Proposals and Prepare Reports to Inform Sentencing
Download: FX0X 04 (EA3) (130 KB)

Unit code: FX0Y 04 (EB1)
Title: Contribute to the Supervision and Enforcement of Low to Medium Risk Offenders Serving Sentences in the Community
Download: FX0Y 04 (EB1) (132 KB) 

Unit code: FX12 04 (EC5)
Title: Contribute to the Implementation of Group Work Programmes
Download: FX12 04 (EC5) (138 KB)

Unit code: FX13 04 (EC9)
Title: Address the Challenging Behaviour of Individuals
Download: FX13 04 (EC9) (133 KB)

Unit code: FX16 04 (GC8)
Title: Minimise and Deal with Disruptive and Obstructive Behaviour
Download: FX16 04 (GC8) (106 KB)

Unit code: FX17 04 (GC10)
Title: Manage Conflict
Download: FX17 04 (GC10) (116 KB)

Unit code: FX18 04 (G2)
Title: Enable Individuals Who Have Offended or Who are Likely to Offend to Maximise Their Employment Opportunities
Download: FX18 04 (G2) (130 KB)

Unit code: FX19 04 (GJ1)
Title: Prepare and Provide Development Activities for Offenders
Download: FX19 04 (GJ1) (136 KB)

Unit code: FX1A 04 (HD14)
Title: Lead the Work of Teams and Individuals to Achieve Their Objectives
Download: FX1A 04 (HD14) (127 KB)

Unit code: FX1C 04 (ZE7)
Title: Facilitate Learning Through Demonstration and Instruction
Download: FX1C 04 (ZE7) (107 KB)

Unit code: FX1D 04 (HD5)
Title: Allocate and Check Work in Your Team
Download: FX1D 04 (HD5) (109 KB)