Award Helps Support Road Safety Week

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An Award which develops positive attitudes to road use amongst 14- to 17-year-olds is helping to support this week’s Road Safety week.

The Safe Road User Award has been developed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), and is contributing to this year’s Road Safety Week theme to SLOW DOWN.

The Safe Road User Award’s purpose is to improve road safety as part of the secondary school curriculum and in other learning environments. It focuses on developing positive attitudes to using roads safely and responsibly and prepares young people to be independent travellers.

It lets young people explore the impact of how they interact with other road users, and gives them the confidence to make safe and responsible decisions in all aspects of road use.

The Award is available at both school and college.  Here is what two typical Safe Road User qualification holders have to say:

 “I believe that the Safe Road User Award is a really good idea as it helps you to understand safe road use for all types of users, including pedestrians and motorcyclists.”             Alasdair Greig, Balwearie High School, Kirkcaldy, Fife

 “I think it will help me a lot because it will make me more aware of my surroundings and it will make me a safe driver. It’ll keep me and everyone else out of harms way.”
Kevin Smith, Anniesland College, Glasgow

The Safe Road User Award recently won a prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. The awards celebrate outstanding examples of road safety innovation globally.

More and more schools and colleges are starting to deliver this vital course. Details of the course can be found at