G9YL 23 Youth Justice 3

Unit Downloads


Unit code: DK38 04 (HSC386)
Title: Assist in the Transfer of Individuals Between Agencies and Services
Download: DK38 04 (HSC386)

Unit code: DK3J 04 (GE13)
Title: Carry Out Assessment to Identify and Prioritise Needs Associated with Substance Misuse
Download: DK3J 04 (GE13) (140 KB) 

Unit code: DK3N 04 (GE5)
Title: Carry Out Screening and Referral Assessment
Download: DK3N 04 (GE5) (100 KB) 

Unit code: DK7D 04 (GE12)
Title: Help Individuals Address their Substance use through an Action Plan 
Download: DK7D 04 (GE12) (126 KB) 

Unit code: DP6W 04 (HD7)
Title: Provide Learning Opportunities for Colleagues 
Download: DP6W 04 (HD7) (110 KB)

Unit code: DR3W 04 (HD5)
Title: Allocate and Check Work in Your Team 
Download: DR3W 04 (HD5) (106 KB)

Unit code: DR4A 04 (HD1)
Title: Develop Productive Working Relationships with Colleagues 
Download: DR4A 04 (HD1) (92 KB)

Unit code: DR5F 04 (HE1)
Title: Manage a Budget 
Download: DR5F 04 (HE1) (96 KB)

Unit code: DR5J 04 (HF1)
Title: Manage a Project 
Download: DR5J 04 (HF1) (116 KB)

Unit code: DR67 04 (HA2)
Title: Manage your own Resources and Professional Development 
Download: DR67 04 (HA2) (119 KB)

Unit code: F2SP 04 (AG1)
Title: Maintain Personal Security and Safety, and be Alert to the Security of Others 
Download: F2SP 04 (AG1) (101 KB)

Unit code: F297 04 (AA1)
Title: Promote Equality and Value Diversity 
Download: F297 04 (AA1) (95 KB)

Unit code: F299 04 (AF1)
Title: Ensure your own Actions Reduce Risks to Health and Safety
Download: F299 04 (AF1) (126 KB)

Unit code: F79A 04 (GA7)
Title: Communicate and Engage with Children, Young People, and their Families and Carers 
Download: F79A 04 (GA7) (132 KB) 

Unit code: F9PP 04 (BB3)
Title: Identify Individuals at Risk of Committing Anti-social Behaviour or Offending
Download: F9PP 04 (BB3) (82 KB)

Unit code: F9PT 04 (EA5)
Title: Obrain and Verify Information from Third Parties towards Assessing an Individual's Problematic Behaviour
Download: F9PT 04 (EA5) (114 KB)

Unit code: F9PV 04 (EA6)
Title: Obtain Information from the Individual Regarding their Behaviour 
Download: F9PV 04 (EA6) (124 KB) 

Unit code: F9PW 04 (EA8)
Title: Assess Individuals for the Principal Types and Levels of Risk Associated with their Problematic Behaviour
Download: F9PW 04 (EA8) (126 KB) 

Unit code: F9PX 04 (EA9)
Title: Assist in the Assessment of Individuals 
Download: F9PX 04 (EA9) (105 KB) 

Unit code: F9PY 04 (ED5)
Title: Develop Intervention Plans for Individuals which Address Risk Factors and Enhance Protective Factors 
Download: F9PY 04 (130 KB)

Unit code: F9R1 04 (GB12)
Title: Work with Families and Carers towards Addressing Individuals' Problematic Behaviour
Download: F9R1 04 (GB12) (123 KB) 

Unit code: F9R2 04 (EC8)
Title: Support and Encourage Individuals in Addressing their Problematic Behaviour 
Download: F9R2 04 (EC8) (104 KB)

Unit code: F9R3 04 (EC9)
Title: Address the Challenging Behaviour of Individuals
Download: F9R3 04 (EC9) (122 KB)

Unit code: F9R4 04 (GI1)
Title: Prepare and Provide Development Activities for Individuals
Download: F9R4 04 (GI1) (120 KB) 

Unit code: F9R5 04 (BB2)
Title: Model Pro-social Behaviour when Working with Individuals
Download: F9R5 04 (BB2) (107 KB) 

Unit code: F9R6 04 (GI3)
Title: Help Individuals to Develop Relationships and to Live with Others 
Download: F9R6 04 (GI3) (100 KB)

Unit code: F9R7 04 (GB14)
Title: Provide Support and Care to Individuals 
Download: F9R7 04 (GB14) (96 KB) 

Unit code: F9R8 04 (GC13) 
Title: Maintain the Safety, Security and Welfare of Individuals at Risk of Offending/Reoffending 
Download: F9R8 04 (GC13) (106 KB) 

Unit code: F9R9 04 (GA8) 
Title: Assist Individuals to use Agencies and Services
Download: F9R9 04 (GA8) (98 KB) 

Unit code: F9RA 04 (GB11)
Title: Assist Individuals to Establish Effective Support Networks
Download: F9RA 04 (GB11) (101 KB)

Unit code: F9RC 04 (FI4)
Title: Support Individuals Towards their Resettlement in the Community from a Custodial Environment 
Download: F9RC 04 (FI4) (116 KB)

Unit code: F9RD 04 (F15)
Title: Assist in Monitoring the Progress of those Released on Licence
Download: F9RD 04 (F15) (96 KB)

Unit code: F2AC 04 (GC5) 
Title: Develop Control for People who are a Risk to Themselves or Others
Download: F2AC 04 (GC5) (120 KB)  

Unit code: F9RF 04 (FK1)
Title: Address Breaches of Electronically Monitored Curfew Orders made Alongside Community Orders 
Download: F9RF 04 (FK1) (88 KB) 

Unit code: F9RG 04 (ED9)
Title: Monitor and Evaluate the Impact of Intervention Programmes for Individuals 
Download: F9RG 04 (ED9) (108 KB)

Unit code: F9RH 04 (EB4) 
Title: Use Statutory Powers to Enforce Interventions 
Download: F9RH 04 (EB4) (105 KB)

Unit code: F9RJ 04 (EB5) 
Title: Supervise and Enforce Interventions in the Community 
Download: F9RJ 04 (EB5) (105 KB) 

Unit code: F9RK 04 (AD5)
Title: Promote Multi-agency Working at Agencies' Meetings
Download: F9RK 04 (AD5) (97 KB) 

Unit code: F9RM 04 (HF29) 
Title: Assist in Identifying the Potential for Agency Development and in Promoting its Services 
Download: F9RM 04 (HF29) (104 KB)

Unit code: F9RN 04 (HF30)
Title: Co-ordinate Programmes Involving Several Agencies 
Download: F9RN 04 (HF30) (116 KB) 

Unit code: F9E3 04 (GC4)
Title: Assess Risk of Harm and the Need for Intervention
Download: F9E3 04 (GC4) (102 KB)

Unit code: F9RL 04 (DA8)
Title: Prepare and Present Verbal and Written Information at Courts and Meetings 
Download: F9RL 04 (DA8) (88 KB)

Unit code: F9R0 04 (ED6) 
Title: Assist in Developing Intervention Plans for those at Risk of Offending/Reoffending
Download: F9R0 04 (ED6) (103 KB)

Unit code: F9RP 04 (EC10) 
Title: Manage the Transition of Young Offenders from the Youth Justice System 
Download: F9RP 04 (EC10) (96 KB) 

Unit code: F9RR 04 (DJ101)
Title: Assess the Circumstances of an Incident towards Identifying a Resorative Response 
Download: F9RR 04 (DJ101) (128 KB)

Unit code: F9RT 04 (DJ203)
Title: Implement and Monitor Agreed Outcomes from a Restorative Process
Download: F9RT 04 (DJ203) (112 KB) 

Unit code: F9RV 04 (DJ204) 
Title: Facilitate Informal Restorative Processes 
Download: F9RV 04 (DJ204) (107 KB)

Unit code: F9RW 04 (DJ205)
Title: Evaluate the Outcomes from a Restorative Process 
Download: F9RW 04 (DJ205) (99 KB) 

Unit code: F9RX 04 (DJ302)
Title: Contribute to the Promotion of Restorative Practice 
Download: F9RX 04 (DJ302) (96 KB)