Childcare Standardisation Events

HNC Early Education & Childcare (G7CX 15) Review

As you are aware SQA commenced the review of the HNC Early Education & Childcare back in May 2009. At the meeting of the Qualification Design Team (QDT) on Monday 2 November, it was decided to postpone this review until September 2010, when the QDT will re-group.  This will allow us to await the outcome of work that is being commissioned by the Scottish Government in relation to a skills functions analysis against current policies in Scotland; the Early Years and Early Intervention policies; Equally Well; and work that is progressing between the Scottish Social Services Council and NHS Education for Scotland, which will then inform this review, ensuring that the qualification remains fit for purpose in its revised form.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Care Scotland team.

Social Care Standardisation Workshop December 2009

Childcare Exemplar

The exemplar for Theoretical Approaches to Development and Learning (DF52 34) is now available on SQA's secure website. SQA Co-ordinators will have access to this.