Appointee Management Case Studies

Julie Carrie, SQA Visiting Assessor for Music

Visiting Assessor

I have been a secondary Music teacher for almost 10 years. Recently I have been seconded as part of the Youth Music Initiative to support primary classroom teachers when delivering music lessons in class.

I enjoy the variety of my job and the interaction that I get with colleagues from all parts of my local authority. It is also very interesting to see what is happening throughout the country with the introduction of the youth music initiative and Curriculum for Excellence.

I am currently a Visiting Assessor for the practical Music exams and a central Marker for the Music Technology exams. I became an SQA Appointee last year after I met some of the SQA AM team at a conference. They mentioned that SQA were looking for new markers and suggested that I should put in an application form and 3 months later I was attending a practical markers meeting.

Some of the major benefits that I am getting from being an appointee are that I am having the opportunity to keep abreast of changes to SQA exams and marking procedures as well as having the opportunity to meet and chat with colleagues from around Scotland on the challenges and opportunities within our schools.

Being a marker has been a fantastic opportunity to reflect on my own practice and how I can improve the teaching I deliver to pupils. Having a working knowledge of the standard and what is required by pupils has allowed me to share information and work collaboratively with colleagues within my local authority.

So, get involved! It is a great experience for you, your pupils and your school.