Bad Weather Conditions - Guidance for 2011 Exams

SQA and schools/colleges have contingency plans in place to deal with the impact of any disruption to normal procedures contributing to qualifications throughout the year. For example, prelim exams, which are often used to provide an estimate of performance in the final exams, are organised at a local level by schools and local authorities.  This flexibility means they can be rearranged if the original arrangements are disrupted by adverse weather conditions.
Full guidance on generating alternative evidence for candidates, can be found on the SQA website under Estimates, Absentees and Assessment Appeals.
The SQA website has details of National Qualifications operational key dates.  While maintaining an absolute commitment to quality and standards, SQA recognise that schools and colleges may face difficult circumstances, and that there may be an impact on the completion of tasks necessary to meet these dates.
If schools/colleges foresee possible difficulties meeting any of these dates, due to absences of groups of candidates or staff, they should contact SQA as early as possible so that arrangements can be agreed to ensure that the required data can be submitted in a timely manner.