About Care Scotland

SQA Care is a team of SQA staff who are dedicated to serving the learning and development needs of the Social Services workforce (Social Care, Early Education and Childcare, and Housing Support) and Health and Community Justice sectors. The team provides specific knowledge and expertise to offer an informed and reliable service to employers, centres, colleges and individuals in relation to HN, SVQ, PDA and SPA qualifications. We believe that promoting qualifications for staff results in better services for vulnerable individuals.

These pages feature extensive information and updates on:

tel: 0845 213 5471

For enquiries related to National Qualifications in the Care area, contact Mary Hainey on 0845 213 5502, or visit the NQ Care pages on this website.

For enquiries relating to registration requirements set by Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), please contact them directly on:

Telephone: 0845 60 30 891
E-mail: enquiries@sssc.uk.com