Guidelines on how to submit

Craft & Design

Centres wishing to submit work for Craft Projects — Craft & Design should e-mail a completed Craft & Design pro-forma and a photograph of the project artefact only to (Project Folios will not be exhibited.)

The projects for Craft & Design are a combination of Foundation, General and Credit levels, as it is possible for similar looking projects to be awarded vastly different grades depending on several factors including:

  • degree of difficulty
  • variety of processes
  • accuracy of work
  • method of construction
  • quality of finish
  • degree of independence

You should refer to the Arrangements document when assessing candidates’ work.

Pratical Craft Skills

Centres wishing to submit work for Craft Projects — Practical Craft Skills should e-mail a completed Practical Craft Skills pro-forma and a photograph of the Unit/Course artefact to

The Practical Craft Skills section displays examples of work produced for both levels and disciplines and for both Unit and Course projects, and can include any centre-devised projects that have been approved by SQA, providing the approved paperwork from SQA and full working drawings are made available.

Where a project has been devised by a centre, we require a scanned copy of the SQA prior-verification approval paperwork and all relevant drawings to be included with the photograph and completed pro-forma. Unfortunately centre-devised artefacts without the approval paperwork will not be considered for the online exhibition.

Since one of the aims of Craft Projects is to provide and share ideas for alternative projects that are suitable for the Units and Courses, we ask that any centre submitting their own projects also gives permission for SQA to share these drawings with other centres that request them.