General guidelines

Some general guidelines are noted below:

  • The appropriate pro-forma should be completed. This should give details of the level, Course/Unit that the artefact relates to.
  • Centres must obtain permission from each candidate prior to submitting images of their work or other information to Craft Projects.
  • No candidate/personal details should be included on the pro-forma
  • Practical Craft Skills — any submissions for centre-devised projects should include all the relevant drawings and SQA prior-verification paperwork. We ask that centres agree to share their drawings with any other centre that requests them from SQA.
  • Only approved SQA centres can submit work for the exhibition.
  • All photographs and pro-formas will be sent to senior members of the subject verification team, who will ensure the work submitted is appropriate for inclusion. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide feedback on any artefacts that are submitted for the Craft Projects exhibition, and SQA reserves the right to choose the exhibits selected for inclusion in this exhibition.